Our Farm



Our Farm located just north of Franktown just off Highway 15 at 1981 6th Line East Beckwith. We have been farming since 2000, it wasn’t until 2003, we purchase a some flock of Katahdin sheep. In 2009, we were selling about 400 organic lambs per year to two Ottawa Farmers Market, restaurants and a grocery chain.  That all ended in 2010 when our neighbours destroyed our line fence allowing our sheep full access to Highway 15,  At the time, our ewes were pregnant and due to our effort to contain our ewes resulted in premature lambs, hence we had no marketable lambs in 2010, therefore all customers were gone after seven years of marketing.

Currently, we a small flock of 40 Katahdin and Dorper sheep located at  our century old  farm, just north of Franktown and south of Carleton Place.


We sell our organic lamb at Almonte Farmers Market from May to October 2015